Gherkin City HallThe main architect who designed the iconic Gherkin City Hall was Sir Norman Foster alongside other partners from his architectural firm. Other notable designers include Arup and Skanska who were the main engineers and main contractors respectively. The skyscraper’s construction occurred between 2001 and 2003 with an aim to provide a better replacement for the Baltic Exchange building that was destroyed in an explosion roughly a decade earlier (Design Book 2018). Its outstanding specifications include 360o panoramic view; full glazed double skin façade and one person per 10 sq., which makes the building adorable.

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The Queen’s Walk
The Queen’s Walk in which the City Hall building in London is located was architected by Norman Foster as well as other designers from Foster and Partners architectural firm. The building was constructed between 1998 and 2002 to serve as the headquarters for the Greater London Authority ( 2017). Some of the unique specifications that make the building admirable include its unique bulbous design, solar photovoltaic panels, and voltage optimization technology that have helped with energy conservation and efficiency.

Millennium Dome
Popularly known as the O2, the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, London, boasts of being the biggest globally. The dome was constructed between 1998 and 1999, and officially launched on the first day of the 3rd millennium to serve as an exhibition site and tourist attraction center in the new millennium. The main architect was Richard Rodgers with the main specifications being an enormous 100,000m2 floor space and the weight of the roof, which weighs less than the air contained within the dome. The inspiration for the dome was a big sky in which everything took place.

St. Paul’s Cathedral
The main architect for St. Paul’s Cathedral was Sir. Christopher Wren. The building was constructed in 1675 to serve as the main cathedral for the Anglican Church in London. The outstanding specifications for the building are the English Baroque style of building and the dome size – 85m high and 34m wide – this is the key feature that makes the building iconic and admirable.

The Eden Project
The main architect for this outstanding architectural design was Arch. Nicholas Grimshaw. The buildings were constructed from 1998 and 2000 with the aim to provide conservancy to several plants collected from the different climatic areas of the world (Brewis 2018). The main specifications that make the Eden project stand out include pinecone scaled roof, glazed entrance, and a collection of pyramids, which were inspired by naturally occurring geometries.

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London was founded in 1824 with the main architects being William Wilkins and Denise Scott Brown. The iconic building was set up to house several pieces of artistic works including paintings and drawings and currently boasts of a collection of over 2300 paintings. Some unique specifications of the building include the neoclassical architectural design and the use of LED lighting for the gallery. These serve provide energy efficiency with subsequent good environmental attributions.

Kew Gardens
The Kew Gardens were constructed and opened in 1759 with the main purpose being to serve as a conservancy greenhouse for collection of plants from all the temperate climatic regions of the world. The building boasts of several unique features such as a treetop walkway that is 18m above the ground and 200m long, and granite and bronze salker crossing, which gives the users of the buildings an unforgettable experience during their visits ( n.d). The architects and designers who have contributed to the construction of the buildings that make up the gardens include Buro Happold, Jown Pawson, David Marks, Decimus Burton, and Richard Turner.

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