Part 1: Professional Goals
Professional Introduction
I have a BSW, a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. My goal is to one day own and operate a non-profit agency that caters to young mothers. It will provide them with the means to be able to complete their education by assisting them with housing, daycare, and parenting while working to encourage and assist them in reaching the personal goals they have set for themselves and their children.

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Professional and Academic Background
As mentioned, I have a BSW. I graduated from Albany State University in Albany, Georgia in (Insert Year Here). I completed all of my basic requirements there, along with the courses needed for my degree specialization, and did well in all my courses. I would assist with volunteer work whenever possible.

Goal Statements and Their Relation to Academic Research
The graduate studies program at Walden University will take me one step farther along the path to achieving my ultimate goal of running my own non-profit organization. It will provide me with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge needed in order to be able to move forward in making my dream into a reality.

Reflection of Walden’s Mission Statement
Walden’s mission statement corresponds with my own philosophy and goals in that I desire to turn myself into a scholar-practitioner, as mentioned in the mission statement. With this I will have the knowledge needed to turn my dream into a practicing reality (Walden, 2013).

Attainment of the Advanced Degree Related to Goals
By attaining my M.S. in Human Services from Walden University, I will attain the skills that I will need in order to become an effective leader in my desire and goals to foster social change (Walden, 2013). It will allow me to work to enhance my skills in the areas involving the “delivery, accessibility, accountability, and coordination of agency services”

Part 2: Educational Background and Research Proficiency
Relevant personal proficiencies include a desire to help others succeed, a precise attention to detail, the ability to multitask easily, and the drive and dedication to get things done. Academic proficiencies include an ease of learning new material, data processing, data retention, and the ability to explain complex details in a manner easily understood by anyone.

Academic Coursework in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
I have completed my ACAT certification, studied social policy, social work practice, human behavior, social work research methods, interview and recording, social environment, measurement in SOWK, urban social problems, sociology, and introduction to wellness (ASU, 2013). I received no lower than a B in any of my courses.

Academic Coursework in Other Fields
I am not published in any journals at this time, though I have excelled in other areas of coursework, including public speaking, composition, biology, English, algebra, world literature, statistics, general psychology, history, and computers (ASU, 2013). I received no less than a B in any of my courses.

Professional Presentations, Seminars, Training, and Workshops
Training and skills relating to my chosen profession include the ability to read people, to understand their underlying motivations, and to understand the underlying social motivators and factors that cause an individual to end up in a certain position. I am able to look at an individual’s situation rationally and provide them with paths that they may take to better themselves.

Volunteer Work
I have participated in many different volunteer activities including charity work, donation organizations, food drives, and assisted at animal shelters.

Past Research, Publications, and Teaching Assignments
I do not have any published research at this time.

Access to Research Materials
I have full access to all of the major databases, including, but not limited to, EBSCO, JSTOR and the like as a result of alumni access to the online library for Albany State University. I have full access to the library on campus, my local library, my personal library, and professional contacts within the field of social work in my area.

Academic and Research Strengths and Weaknesses
My strengths include a burning desire to succeed, a willingness to work hard, and an ever present desire to learn. I believe my weaknesses lie in my eagerness to get started, my advanced computer skills (programming and the like), and my immense empathy, which can be a crutch at times. I do not see any threat to my success or to my access of the materials, unless an act of nature prevents access. In order for the faculty to assist me in meeting my goals, I would appreciate clear feedback and tips and pointer on how I can work to become better in all that I do.

I believe that I am fully ready to embark on my next leg of study as a graduate student in Walden University.

Part 3: Plan of Study and Program of Study Form
Overall Learning Goals
My goals are to achieve an A in all courses, working to complete all aspects of the Master’s program through this online university.

Description of Coursework
My plan for taking courses at Walden University is to complete the full program in the minimum of 18 months (Walden, 2013). I hope to learn a great deal more about the language of leadership and the necessary part it plays in organizational change as well as the strategic context of public management (Walden, 2013). I hope that I will be able to learn a great deal about the give and take nature between the challenges of leadership and the drive of social work, and I hope that I am able to find a way to easily reconcile the two.