The Internet has significantly expanded opportunities for establishing a strong professional on-line identity over the last years. Resumes are no longer limited to personalized social media pages but can be placed in a variety of online formats. The ground rule, which I employ for my own presence, is that one has to be on all major on-line platforms to reach desired audiences.
All four resumes use visualization to market their qualifications and skills. I think that in the world where information, including professional and analytical data, is channeled through infographics and social videos, visualizing your resume can considerably contribute to reaching a firm on-line presence. The first two resumes were created and posted on Prezi, which is a platform firmly connected to LinkedIn. McCaty and Troquier designed very different resumes. While the first one is a type of a comprehensive timeline of professional experience, the second one is much shorter and focuses on numbers and qualifications. It shows how flexible this tool is. I can only think of one disadvantage of this media-rich format: it is more difficult to protect your originality and the uniqueness of one’s profile provided that all the elements are easily copied and downloadable.

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The next two resumes are created on YouTube. Abraham followed the format of media-rich and interactive presentation placed in a video format. And Jeska made it more personal, as she included a video recording of herself explaining her experience and skills. I am amazed by the way the reference was included as a video recording in Jeska’s video resume – it boosts the credibility of such recommendation. My only concern is that video resumes might be much less adaptable than media-rich text resumes. Hence, it would be more difficult to tailor them to a specific job opening.

I remain open-minded to the use of technological advancements in branding my professional image. Besides designing personalized professional pages on social media, I am also committed to creating more engaging media-rich resumes.

One particular tool that I am interested in is, which empowers users to create an interactive and constantly adaptable professional academic profile. I think that my next step will be linking a presentation resume on Prezi to my LinkedIn account and synchronizing my social media presence altogether.