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New Religion

Fast development of modern technologies has invented new theories concerning the creation of the world. One of the most influential and popular theories has developed into a separate religion – Programmism. The primary aim of this religion is to establish informational peace in the whole universe. According to it, the...

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Comparison of Security Models

The ISO/IEC 27001 outline and the NIST publication provide organizations and individuals with the methodology to implement cyber-security or information security and, in reality; the organization can implement measures to ensure information security using any of the two guidelines with satisfactory results (Frisken, 2015). Both security models are applicable to...

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Networks and OS Investigations

Eagle technology are a technological firm that uses the distributed computer system networks which mainly involves the interconnection of working computers to a Local Area Network (LAN) that enables the sharing of information from PCs and other peripherals like printers. The LAN is connected to a high end server that...

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The Importance of Integrity for a Software Developer

In the contemporary world, adhering to a certain ethics, such as professional ethical systems, is becoming increasingly important. The current paper examines the need for a software developer to establish and adhere to certain ethics so as to preserve their integrity. On the whole, it should be stressed that for...

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AND and OR Operators In Programming

All computer-programming languages have their specific logical operators or at least a manner of depicting logic. In the case of JavaScript programming language, some logical operators are categorized into two major types: the two classes are referred to as conditional as well as relational subtypes. In essence, the two subtypes...

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