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New Religion

Fast development of modern technologies has invented new theories concerning the creation of the world. One of the most influential and popular theories has developed into a separate religion – Programmism. The primary aim of this religion is to establish informational peace in the whole universe. According to it, the...

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Comparison of Security Models

The ISO/IEC 27001 outline and the NIST publication provide organizations and individuals with the methodology to implement cyber-security or information security and, in reality; the organization can implement measures to ensure information security using any of the two guidelines with satisfactory results (Frisken, 2015). Both security models are applicable to...

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Networks and OS Investigations

Eagle technology are a technological firm that uses the distributed computer system networks which mainly involves the interconnection of working computers to a Local Area Network (LAN) that enables the sharing of information from PCs and other peripherals like printers. The LAN is connected to a high end server that...

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The Importance of Integrity for a Software Developer

In the contemporary world, adhering to a certain ethics, such as professional ethical systems, is becoming increasingly important. The current paper examines the need for a software developer to establish and adhere to certain ethics so as to preserve their integrity. On the whole, it should be stressed that for...

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AND and OR Operators In Programming

All computer-programming languages have their specific logical operators or at least a manner of depicting logic. In the case of JavaScript programming language, some logical operators are categorized into two major types: the two classes are referred to as conditional as well as relational subtypes. In essence, the two subtypes...

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Pair Programming – A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Pair programming is the collaborative technique of programming in which two programmers implement the same task instantaneously. In other words, pair programming encompasses the development of software by two programmers on a side-by-side combined methodology (Fojtik, 2011). In essence, the fundamental background of pair programming entails one developer taking the...

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Java Programming

The Unified Modeling Language is one of the reliable general-purpose language used in software programming. In essence, the aim of the UML, fundamentally, is to standardize the visualization of a designed system (Brewton, Brunel, Moore, & Mosterman, 2019). The UML resembles the blueprint that is commonly used in the field...

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Importance of Files in Modern Computing

The file system is one of the integral components of modern computing. In essence, the file system is used to regulate the storage and retrieval of data. Therefore, without an elaborate and comprehensive file system, there would be no way to determine the exact locations where data have been stored...

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Sorting Algorithm

There are many things that should be put into consideration while dealing with the sorting algorithm. Some of the significant things that must be reviewed include and are not limited to the amount of time, t that is needed to sort specific elements and the underlying complexity a given presented...

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Program Development Life Cycle

In the development of programs or applications, any programming language can be used and there is a sequence of steps that have to be followed (Langer, 2016). The program development life cycle can be described as a conceptual model that is used in information technology (IT) project management to define...

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Database Management Systems: SQL

In the modern business society, data management is mostly the cornerstone and the epicenter of success and excellence. Firms with impressive database management systems are way ahead of those who lack smooth systems for managing data in terms of business intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. Decisions made based on data analytics...

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Database System Life Cycle

There are five important steps in database system life cycle. They include analysis/planning stage, design stage, development stage, implementation stage and maintenance stage (Wernet et al., 2016). In the analysis/planning stage, overall database panning is carried out including the development of the overall layout of the database and data conceptualization....

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