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Program Development Life Cycle

In the development of programs or applications, any programming language can be used and there is a sequence of steps that have to be followed (Langer, 2016). The program development life cycle can be described as a conceptual model that is used in information technology (IT) project management to define...

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Database Management Systems: SQL

In the modern business society, data management is mostly the cornerstone and the epicenter of success and excellence. Firms with impressive database management systems are way ahead of those who lack smooth systems for managing data in terms of business intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. Decisions made based on data analytics...

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Database System Life Cycle

There are five important steps in database system life cycle. They include analysis/planning stage, design stage, development stage, implementation stage and maintenance stage (Wernet et al., 2016). In the analysis/planning stage, overall database panning is carried out including the development of the overall layout of the database and data conceptualization....

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