The project’s status will be collected through surveys and one-on-one interviews. This approach to data collection will ensure that large groups of people receive survey instruments, thus providing comprehensive information; this form of semi-structured data can then be combined with the more qualitatively oriented information gained through the direct interviews. This information will be analyzed through a mixed-methods approach that combines statistical analysis of the survey data, along with the examining the interviews for themes. Rather than distributing this information to stakeholders in dense jargon, the information will be re-written to an easily digestible format that highlights key points for necessary stakeholders.
While a project manager will surely be challenged in attempting to manage the project schedule when employees do not accurately report if they are behind, he or she can mitigate this difficulty through conducting periodic in-person audits of reporting elements. Further, team composition and other inter-personal components can be a contributory factor to misreports, such that a project manager could seek to balance teams more effectively or pay attention to employees in problematic situations. Organizational change that occurs during execution can impact the success of a project through impacting the ways that employees interact. However, when teams successfully adapt or organizations effectively anticipate the changes that might be occurring, success is still possible.

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A team I was in for a school project for a rhetorical writing class once never got to the point of functioning smoothly. Considering Tuckman’s stages of group development, it seems that our team was unsuccessful in reaching cohesiveness, because we were stuck in the storming stage. Specifically, it seemed that two of the group members had a strong personality clash, and a third group member was extremely dominant, which resulted in him taking on all the work and the other group members willfully shirking responsibilities to avoid collaborating.