The innovative approaches within project management that entrepreneurs are using in order to execute specific goals involve the use of social search and looking at project management in a different perspective. Entrepreneurs who use social search are able to perfect their project management functions. Also, social medial plays a significant, creative role in establishing a business’s potential. A couple of the roles that can performed via the use of social search include establishing relationships with clientele and being able to provide a platform to showcase a history of good work involving the entrepreneurs’ business. Another role that social search is able to play for the entrepreneur is to establish good communication skills amongst employees.

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According to Woessner, social search can play a larger role in how you both interact and transact online. I have utilized the social search approach via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to attain a goal. A goal that I have accomplished by utilizing this new approach is to connect with old friends, teachers and family members that I have not spoken to in years to build a relationships that are beneficial to not only me personally but as a networking component. According to Ries, another approach that entrepreneurs are taking involves looking at entrepreneurship and project management as a science.

People learn in a variety of ways and the ways that people learn can affect project audits and evaluations. According to Cross, the existence of a written project plan covering costs, time and quality standards will serve as the basis for developing an effective project audit checklist. If a person does not learn how to effectively perform project audits and evaluations, or know what they entail, deadlines that need to be successfully met when performing project management duties may not be met and hinder an entrepreneur’s ability for success. Although all people learn at different levels, an entrepreneur and his colleagues can be on the same page when it comes to project audits and evaluations. One of the ways that an entrepreneur and his teams on the same page is by providing essential training classes which will teach how to handle audits and evaluations. By having the appropriate training projects will have a better chance of being completed successfully, benefiting not only the entrepreneur but all involved.

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