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Project Management

Your Future Career in Project Management

After completing the Project Management course and finishing the master’s degree program in Biotechnology: Regulatory Affairs, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to support a successful career. Right now, my focus is primarily on earning my master’s degree, so I have yet to decide on a specific career...

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Project Management Overview

Project management involves a lot of activities and, as such, project managers are required to possess various skills to succeed in their everyday activities. According to Harrin (2015), some of the skills that project managers should possess include leadership, negotiation, scheduling, cost control, risk management, cost control, and contract management...

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Project Management: Budgeting

Examining the different approaches to building a project budget reveals clear pros and cons of each as well as clearly defining the role of personnel in the process. It is critical to appreciate how the practical side of budgeting (that is, allocations in the context of estimations as well as...

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Project Management

According to Nelson & Morris (2014), in project planning, accurate estimates are the success of a project. It is necessary as a project manager to have accurate estimates that will spell out the time needed and costs involved for a project. A good project manager should be one who is...

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Project Management for Beginners

Project management has been occurring since the earliest recorded periods of civilization. The evolution of project management is due to more recent changes into a global capitalist based system. In these systems, new products and process will require careful monitoring as they may decide the fate of a company. Hence,...

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