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Project Management

Your Future Career in Project Management

After completing the Project Management course and finishing the master’s degree program in Biotechnology: Regulatory Affairs, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to support a successful career. Right now, my focus is primarily on earning my master’s degree, so I have yet to decide on a specific career...

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Project Management Overview

Project management involves a lot of activities and, as such, project managers are required to possess various skills to succeed in their everyday activities. According to Harrin (2015), some of the skills that project managers should possess include leadership, negotiation, scheduling, cost control, risk management, cost control, and contract management...

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Project Management: Budgeting

Examining the different approaches to building a project budget reveals clear pros and cons of each as well as clearly defining the role of personnel in the process. It is critical to appreciate how the practical side of budgeting (that is, allocations in the context of estimations as well as...

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Project Management

According to Nelson & Morris (2014), in project planning, accurate estimates are the success of a project. It is necessary as a project manager to have accurate estimates that will spell out the time needed and costs involved for a project. A good project manager should be one who is...

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Project Management for Beginners

Project management has been occurring since the earliest recorded periods of civilization. The evolution of project management is due to more recent changes into a global capitalist based system. In these systems, new products and process will require careful monitoring as they may decide the fate of a company. Hence,...

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Performance Measurement in Project Management

Performance measurement by simple definition is the process of gathering, analyzing, and or recording information relating to the performance of a project, an organization, a system, a group, a component, or an individual. It normally encompasses the study of strategies and process used in a project (National Cooperative Highway Research...

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Project Implementation Plan

The project communications management plan works to define how the communications for the project “will be planned, structured, monitored, and controlled” (Project Management Body of Knowledge, p. 299, 2013). In order to ensure that all aspects are clearly addressed, the following processes have been identified as necessary for implementation in...

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Systems Dances in Executive Coaching

What dances do you co-create with which kinds of clients? As a result, individuals indiscriminately fall into certain useless and dangerous "moves" with each other. Experts drop out of the likelihood of organization and into connections of misconception, resistance, and threat. Being more mindful of the moves as we are...

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Agile vs Traditional Project Management

Agile and traditional project management schemes both have their advantages and disadvantages. Deciding which is best will depend on the necessitated structure of the project at hand, and an initial analysis of the project should be done to determine which system is best. The Agile Method Advantages The Agile methodology...

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Management Strategy and Industry Evolution

Management strategy and industry evolution are closely tied together for the modern business leader. In today’s business world, it is critical to be able to adjust to one’s environment. While in the past, companies could just set a general operating strategy and subsist on that for years on end, things...

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Project Management vs Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers are responsible for ensuring the operations of an organization are optimized. Often industrial engineers must lead different types of projects in which knowledge of project management becomes a critical tool to successful complete a project. The use of project management can help an engineer in terms of time...

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Total Quality Management

Over the last several years, Total Quality Management (TQM) has become a way of helping organizations to innovate and be more creative. In the case of McDonalds, the company has hit a plateau in growth with them turning into the largest fast food chain in the world. At the same...

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Project Management for Entrepreneurs

The innovative approaches within project management that entrepreneurs are using in order to execute specific goals involve the use of social search and looking at project management in a different perspective. Entrepreneurs who use social search are able to perfect their project management functions. Also, social medial plays a significant,...

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Balance Sheet and Income Statement

A business must produce a balance sheet at the end of an accounting cycle because a balance sheet helps the readers understand the source of funds and how they are used. Thus, the readers find several useful pieces of information in the balance sheet such as assets of the company,...

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Classical Approach to Management

Organizational design and control are facilitated by the concepts associated with administrative management. Organizations have various structural and cultural foundations that assist in managing operations to enhance productivity (Dubrin, 2011). These aspects make organizations exhibit different management strategies, but the administrative management theory seems to unearth a harmonized model of...

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Waterfall Project Management Benefits and Drawbacks

Three ways that the waterfall model would benefit my future project and career goals are: it would make sure that every phase of my software’s development was complete and satisfactory, it would also make sure that my working process and model is easy to explain to any sub-contractors that I...

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How project management techniques can be used to improve the completion of projects

Organizations face problems in many aspects, which should be addressed in the right ways. Notably, every project has unique problems, priorities as well as resources assigned to it. There is also uniqueness in terms of the environment in which organizations operate and the styles used by project managers to run...

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Management Training Project- Apple

According to recruiter, �It is very important to employ the right people to each position within an organization. Without the correct skill set and/or attitude, an employee can quickly inflict damage upon a company's turnover, reputation, or both.� (Recruiter, 2015). As the district manager, my recruiting strategy would be interviewing...

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