The field of healthcare, and more importantly the Public Health sector, is one which has enjoyed a lot of dominance when it comes to priorities of governments and organizations. It is a sensitive area of the human life, and that may be the foundation for the continued dominance. Over time, the field has seen an almost infinite number of personnel going through it and attempting to solve some of the most bothering health issues in the world. Some of the people who tried to resolve these problems came up with ideas and inventions which receive accolades up to date. Among these people are Dr. Frederick Banting and Kevin Pho.

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Dr. Banting lived in the years between 1891 and 1941. He was a Canadian physician who brought about an important dimension in clinical medicine. Sir Banting singled out insulin as the needed element to cure and control diabetes, which was a threatening disease (Lazarow Wells, Carpenter, Hegre, Leonard, & McEvoy, 1973). Due to this invention, he got an accolade and honor for the efforts, and he remains to be the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Award, which he earned at the age of 32 years in the year 1923. Before the Nobel glory, the Canadian had accumulated several other honors that include getting elected as the best chair of medical research in the province of Ontario, Canada. He also engaged himself in other conditions apart from diabetes, and these include cancer, silicosis and the counteraction of the drowning mechanism (Lazarow, 1973).

On the other hand, Kevin Pho is a medical care practitioner of the current generation. Kevin is a physician who uses the social media to pass his message to the world. He practices internal medicine and primary medical care in New Hampshire and is the founder of a website named after him,, which he started in 2004 (Lagu, Hannon, Rothberg, & Lindenauer, 2010). He has shared various insights and stories from several writers, medical practitioners and students, other experts including patients on the website. His aim is to create awareness to the whole world through the world’s fastest growing communication system in the social media (Lagu, 2010).

The American Public Health Association, APHA, deals with all matters relating to public health with all individuals living in the Unites States. Henceforth, the association has their top priority being proper and affordable health care for everyone. In this prospect, they have the chance to promote the highest levels of health regardless of the situations relating to the individuals or communities. With the great experienced personnel with APHA, the district receives adequate care and studies relating to all the necessities of health promotion. Therefore, the public health Association has its priorities that aim in promoting proper guidelines to the community relating to health and health care. Some of these priorities include creating a Health Equity program and ensuring the right to health and health care within the respective community.

Creating a health equity program is the most enhancive priority with the American public Health Association where they aim at ensuring every person is subject to the best level of health care. The association researches in all areas prone to different diseases and eliminate all barriers that prevent the proper provision of heath care services. Therefore, they assist in planning all activities that relate to creating a demoralizing all health related personnel and ensure there is an equal distribution of public amenities. Health equity promotes the development of society as there is a proper distribution of health facilities, housing food provision, and good education.

The American Public Health Association also prioritizes the assurance of the right to health care for all individuals in the community. The APHA ensures this process by creating a health education forum to the community on the availability of funded public health programs for all persons. There is the need for the community to understand the stand they have in acquiring proper medical facilities. Through medical education programs, the APHA group ensures that they stand as the watchdog in ensuring the health sector offers adequate health programs.

The area of public health has received numerous setbacks over time. With the American Public Health Association program aiming at promoting individual health awareness and reducing the cost of health care facilities, there are significant challenges that have been in place from past time. The current medical context still experiences some of these challenges. One of these barriers that hinder the provision of better health promotion is the few health forums and funding for the programs associated with ensuring everyone receives proper health care. Due to the ever increasing population of individuals in the United States, there is also an increased requirement of well-educated health personnel to cater for every individual.

The public sector has received inadequate funds for promoting health awareness for a long time. However, with inadequate leadership influence, the public sector lacks an individual who can advocate for the increase of resources within the area of health. The area of public health hence lags behind in the prospect of health risk reduction and disease prevention processes. For a chance to reduce the number of health cases there is the need of a prospective leadership entity that will promote an enhanced protocol for access to medication and proper medication to individuals. Henceforth, the concerned management has continually failed over the past years in advocating for adequate financing in the public health sector.

The prospects of inadequate funds remain to be a menace to today’s community as it was in the olden day’s. The coordination of local and national management fails in coming up with clear methodologies of disease eradication. The problem of inadequate funds hence continues to influence the process of disease eradication. Every management level tries to come up with its ways of promoting their policies which do not rhyme with the policies put in place at the national level.