Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats is a product of Kellogg. In actual sense it is a rice krispie treat laced with a cocoa taste. It’s more of a chocolaty sweetened treat that gives it an edge over the traditional rice krispie treat. In promoting this specific product, Kellogg communicates both to the target customer which mostly include kids and also to retailers of this product. Such communication encourages the sale of the product. (Kovacevic, 2014).

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To effectively promote this product, the internet should be a prime resource. Those who are targeted by this product are households with children who love cereals. These children use the internet most social media sites for their daily dose of internet. The product be advertised aggressively through these platform. This might involve the coming up with colorful adverts of other children enjoying the product so as to woo more customers to try it out. The product should be available online where through e-business one can order and pay for it on delivery. Such a digital platform would increase sales while achieving profits from this product.

To improve the sales of this product then the appeal towards children and to the family as the main support unit of the product should be encouraged. The promotional strategy should target families more so mothers as they are the ones who determine what their children consume. Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats should not only be viewed as breakfast cereals but also as biting that one could indulge in if at all they are feeling hungry and need some quick solution to the hunger. Such an initiative would improve communication while reaching out to a larger market that can partake in consumption. (Kovacevic, 2014).

Sale promotions and public relations should make the bulk of Kellogg’s promotional strategy. Products should be made available to all retail shops with their shelves being well decorated and appealing to children. The company could also engage in public relations by advocating for consumption of cereals by children as a source of energy and an avenue for growth. Supporting initiatives about children like funding projects by children would also provide more awareness about the product while promoting its sale.

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