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Prostitution: Pros and Cons

The definition of the term prostitution that Estes provides in his work is solely based on the context of his work. According to him, prostitution is the performance of a sexual act involving physical contact usually carried out for the purpose of money. According to the author, for prostitution to...

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Should the United States Legalize Prostitution?

The question whether prostitution should get legalized in the United States is currently the subject of numerous media publications as well as scholarly research. The ongoing debate on the problem has two opposing viewpoints on which status prostitution should have in the United States. Whereas prostitution is actually illegal across...

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Analyzing Prostitution: Morality & Freedom

The common perception of mortality and ethics across the globe has become very subjective over the last few centuries. What is good or bad was once an agreed set of standards; however, by witnessing years of evolution, in terms of the advances of most civilizations, we can clearly see that...

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Prostitution: Simply a Business?

Moral permissibility of Fifi’s decision is obvious since the girl suggests to review prostitution as a typical business activity. If prostitution is legalized not only in separate parts of Nevada but across the U.S., it would be easier to bring this industry from the shadows. Currently, moralists deem prostitution as...

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World’s Oldest Profession: Should We Legalize Prostitution

Soliciting one’s body for sex in exchange for money has been present in society for thousands of years. Humans’ innate biological pursuit of reproduction feeds into the primal desire to engage in sexual intercourse. While prostitution poses certain risks to those who participate, these risks can be eliminated by legalizing...

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