Psychology of ColorPsychology of color is a key element that guides the consumer behavior. More than 85% of the customers consider color as the main reason for purchasing particular products (In Elliot, In Fairchild & In Franklin, 2015). The aspect of color infographic is therefore deemed essential especially when an individual is seeking an excellent visual choice for a given project.
Application of Color Psychology in Marketing
Being conversant with various psychological linkages to certain colors tends to enhance the firm’s branding methods. The critical analysis of how colors pose a psychological influence, one can make advertisement and branding decisions that will provide easier reach to the targeted audiences. In this case, it can be ascertained that colors psychology may be utilized in almost all the visual disciplines.
The most surprising element is the manner in which various color patterns often play critical and distinct marketing roles. For instance, the use of orange color to denote some products in adverts is an excellent strategy since orange psychologically tends to represent a confident and friendly brand. It primarily manipulates the potential customers to purchase a given firm’s products and services. When utilized in the brighter hues, orange acts as an attention-grabbing aspect (In Elliot, In Fairchild & In Franklin, 2015).
On the other hand, green color plays a very crucial role in various advertisements by providing a close connection to nature, tranquility, and wealth (In Elliot, In Fairchild & In Franklin, 2015). Green is hence regarded as the best choice for designing adverts because it elucidates a relaxed nature for the target. Another way of getting a clear sense of whether a color can be the best choice for a given brand is through the perspective of taking a critical view on various brands that are already interrelated with it.
It can thus be ascertained that; a general understanding of the subconscious psychological impacts of colors that are used in advertising and branding campaigns increases the chances of effectively marketing a given Company. It increases the ultimate niche of the target audiences, as well as the Company’s image in an explicitly stimulating way.

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