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Rogers and Personality Formation

According to the psychotherapist Carl Rogers, all human beings are motivated by what he termed as a “self-actualizing tendency,” or an innate drive to fulfill our highest human drives, such as creativity, achievement, and love, throughout one’s lifetime. However, this self-actualizing tendency is not immediately apparent in the earliest stages...

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A Recipe for Success

Being both ambitious and curious, people are always looking for a universal recipe for success. Nowadays, the idea of the direct relationship between one’s education and work has already reached its highest point and started to decline. Of course, a good education can help individuals to develop their identity and...

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Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is based on the principles of conditioning and learned behaviors. Classical conditioning, or the stimulus-response paradigm, is illustrated famously by Pavlov’s dogs, who learned to salivate when they heard a bell. Operant conditioning, promulgated by Skinner, postulated that positive or negative reinforcement of a behavior would determine whether...

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Humanities: Looking for Signs

Not everybody believes in God, the divine, or the supernatural. Some people believe that this physical existence is all there is; when a person dies, that’s it – there is nothing more. However, some people do believe in the divine and the supernatural; they believe that there is more to...

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Are You Limiting Your Potential

Are your days routine, orderly, or predictable? Have you questioned your authenticity, competence, or likeability, or avoided situations that might challenge them before? If so, you fit the demographic of nearly every working person, from CEO to goat farmer, and may just be limiting yourself, and your capacity for new...

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