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Theorist Comparison: Piaget and Bandura

During the 20th century, many new theories were developed to explain how individuals learn and develop. Theoretical perspectives are crucial to the process of occupational therapy, since they inform the therapist what, when, and how the individual should be guided and scaffolded to achieve. For example, Jean Piaget was a...

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Patience: Gardening

Gardening is a meditative process and a perfect study in patience. As we spend so much of our lives “plugged into” digital world, it can be incredibly rewarding to unplug and take time out at the end of a long day and tend to a garden. With my increasingly hectic...

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Why I Want to Be a School Psychologist

From the time that I have been a young teenager, I have been interested in how the mind works, especially in young people. School has always been an area where I have excelled. Yet, for many students, this is not always that case. I discovered this in my middle school...

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Does Playing Sports Build Character?

Sports are a very important part of the lives of many students. In particular, many students rely on sports to provide such students with many healthy aspects of life. For example, for many students sports provide the primary means to make friends and social connections. Also, sports may the only...

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Why We Cheat

The article “Why We Cheat” by Ferric C. Fang discusses the different situations where people cheat and give some statistics on acts of cheating. The article talks about cheating in many different areas, such as at work or in school. This paper will discuss the article’s main findings, interesting cheating...

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