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Maternal Mentality

An article that was written by Craig Howard Kinsley and Elizabeth Meyer ‘Maternal Mentality’ concludes the implications of pregnancy and childbirth on women’s health. The content of the article is particularly appealing as it contains the elements of a personal story. Based on the story of a neuroscientist who was...

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Social Psychology of the Family

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of the sudden and violent death (particularly through firearms) of a father on the rest of his family, namely his children and spouse. It examines different features of the impact that sudden and violent death can have on children, spouses,...

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Overview of Psychology of Gender

The psychology of gender falls within the broader field of gender studies and is a specific scientific approach to gender, conditioned by the methodology and conceptual framework of psychology. (Brannon, 2007, p. xv) Gender itself, as an area of study, has a relationship to biological sex, but has, at once,...

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Personal Interests in Fields of Psychology

Within the discipline of psychology, there are many fields. Each field specializes in a specific branch of psychology such as cognitive, developmental, sports, forensic, abnormal, and social psychology, to name a few. After exploring the differences between branches as outlined in Dr. Kuther’s work, which describes 13 fields of psychology,...

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Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

Several school of thoughts in psychology are affiliated with specific therapies used to treat mental disorders. Psychoanalysis, its founder Sigmund Freud, established what is known as psychodynamic therapy. In this type of therapy, the therapist is in control. Historically, the patient was asked to lay down on a couch. The...

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