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Gender Psychology Assignment

First and foremost, while reading the description of the “assault,” the feelings of the individual who was indecisive were very clear and an immediate empathy was developed for this individual. Many decisions in life that may appear to be second nature to some may come as a serious and life...

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Annual Editions in Psychology Reflection

This paper is a reflection on chapter 27 of ANNUAL EDITIONS: Psychology 13/14, Forty-Fourth Edition. “Keep Your Fingers Crossed! How Superstition Improves Performance” is the final chapter of Unit 5: Cognitive Processes and was co-authored by Lysann Damisch, Barbara Stoberock and Thomas Mussweiler. This chapter was chosen because I think...

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Abnormal Psychology Week 8

There are many differences and similarities between Alzheimer's type dementia and vascular dementia. They are expressed in a similar way, with symptoms such as disorientation, memory problems and difficulty with cognitive functions. What is different about each is the cause. Vascular dementia is a lack of blood flow to the...

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The Grit Scale

My score in the Grit Scale is 3.00, and it is said that my result is higher than about 20% of Americans adults have. a) As for me, grit means an ability to manage long-term goals. Grit is the way a person can organize own life and possessions around the...

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Psychology of Color

Psychology of ColorPsychology of color is a key element that guides the consumer behavior. More than 85% of the customers consider color as the main reason for purchasing particular products (In Elliot, In Fairchild & In Franklin, 2015). The aspect of color infographic is therefore deemed essential especially when an...

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