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Brief Psychodynamic Therapy (BPT)

Brief Psychodynamic Therapy focuses on a dynamic unconscious. It focuses on the large parts of people’s psychological lives that they are unaware of as well as centers on dynamic activities in these unconscious processes, which essentially contribute to people’s emotional and behavioral lives (Carlyle, 2007). Brief Psychodynamic Therapy is informed...

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Compare And Contrast The Interview Techniques In Therapy

In today's society there are a variety of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. Each person grows up facing unique challenges while developing into adulthood. The situations may be traumatic to the individual where it needs to be mentally processed to grow into a healthy adult. Adults in our society...

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Incorporating Art Therapy into a Basic Living Skills and Coping Skills Program

Outpatient psychiatric treatment represents a less restrictive care level that enables the individual to receive treatment for their illness, while at the same time allowing the individual to maintain work and family commitments. Usually, patients who have completed inpatient treatment and are currently in recovery tend to continue receiving treatment...

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Selecting the Best Therapy

Selecting the best therapy is essential to producing the best possible outcomes for a client. If the client does not respond well to one therapy, then it is necessary to adjust the methods to meet their needs. Although many different therapies are evidence based, this does not mean that the...

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Why Insurance Companies Should Cover Ketamine Infusions as a Mental Health Therapy

Bouffard asserted that ketamine therapy is a widely accepted viable treatment for patients experiencing health conditions such as major depressive disorders among other mental conditions. Research has shown that Ketamine infusion therapy is better than other conventional antidepressants and there is a growing concern in the medical fraternity that it...

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