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Classical Conditioning and Phobias

According to the classical conditioning ideology, the process of association is applied in learning new behaviors. Therefore, the linkage between two stimuli assist in the learning of a certain response in an individual. One of the essential entities in classical conditioning is the ability of an individual to learn from...

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Addictive Disorders

Mood and Addictive Disorders: Causes, Treatments, and Influences Potential causes of depressive, bipolar, and substance disorders. There are many potential causes for depressive, bipolar and addictive disorders. Most of the time, these disorders stem from underlying hormonal imbalances, heredity, some sort of neurological factor, or an environmental factor. It has...

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Family Therapy Techniques

Many different books have been written on the concept of family therapy and the different techniques that may be used when attempting to assist individuals through their family related therapy issues. Family Therapy Techniques by Salvador Minuchin and H. Charles Fishman still manages to stand out above all of the...

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Myths of Popular Psychology

The purpose of this report is to analyze a popular psychology myth, as identified from Lilienfield's paper on the myths of popular psychology (2010). The myth chosen to be questioned and researched is myth number 23 in the book, entitled “The Polygraph (“Lie Detector”) Test Is an Accurate Means of...

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Freud And Neo-Freudians

Sigmund Freud created the Theory of Psychosexual Development, or psychoanalytic theory. He viewed the human psyche as an iceberg. The conscious mind is the part of the iceberg that is above the water. The unconscious mind is the larger part which is unseen below the water. The mind is composed...

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