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Intervention Models: Making A Psychosocial Assessment

To determine whether a client needs short or long term social work intervention or a combination of both, several strategies can be applied. One of these is the time-limited dynamic, supportive-expressive psychotherapy, which is implemented in such a way that allows the clients to feel comfortable in discussing their personal...

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Freud an Enemy Not a Friend

In his Competent to Counsel: Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling, Jay E. Adams provides a stringent critique of the Freudian approach to psychological problems from the perspective of his own interpretation of what a Christian psychology would look like. Crucial to this account is the sense in which the Freudian approach...

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Journal Entry: Final Paper Discussion

In psychological research, as with any discipline, it is more important to understand the limitations of any study or data rather than to seek perfect data which can be used without provisos or considerations. My research to explore issues relating to male victims of domestic abuse was no exception. What...

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Hyperthyroidism: Psychological Impacts

Fundamentally, a thyroid or parathyroid problem on a patient who has wide mood swings generally reflects the condition of hyperthyroidism. This condition involves an overactive thyroid gland which produces excess thyroid hormones, specifically triiodothyronine (T3) and tetraiodothyronine (T4), which control body metabolism. As such, hyperthyroidism leads to increased heart rate...

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Existential Psychotherapy

Existential psychotherapy is a form of therapy that revolves around the human condition as a whole. The therapy is based on the idea that humans experience conflict around certain conditions that everyone experiences. These experiences are death, freedom and the responsibility that goes with it, isolation, and meaninglessness (Cooper, 2003)....

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