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Cognitive Psychology: History and Evaluation

AbstractUlrich Neisser is the father of cognitive psychology. This branch of psychological theory is a scientific reductionist approach to figuring out human behaviors. Cognitive psychologists assert that all human behaviors can be explained by the biological functioning of the brain. Experiments in cognitive psychology are amongst the most famous in...

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Theories of Personality: Erik Erikson

Unlike famous psychology expert and colleague Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, another contributor to the world renowned research book entitled Theories of Personality, disregards psychosexual stages of development in his blueprint of the brain. This is despite the fact that much of his ideas were directly influenced and affected by Freud...

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Theories of Personality: Carl Jung

AbstractThrough the combination of the opposing pairs of functions and attitudes, psychologist Dr. Carl Jung identified a series of 8 particular patterns that determine how the mind works. These patterns represent the simplistic foundation of Jung's theory, that is, "when our minds are active and we are awake, we are...

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Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology, the school of psychology that researches internal mental processes, employs various methods as it examines how humans understand, diagnose, as well as solve problems and how human memory works (Cognitive Psychology, 2016). Two widely used methods of cognitive psychology are a case study and a controlled experiment. Case...

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Positive Psychology

It is sometimes said that positive psychology has a short history but a long past. To some extent this remark applies to psychology in general. Since the beginning of recorded history thinkers and writers have reflected upon the mind, and the nature of mental states. Indeed, since thinkers as far...

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