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Psychological Disorder Paper: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The phenomenon of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not new; it has been known for many years, though under several different names including “shellshock” and “battle fatigue.” These other names reflect the common association that PTSD is a disorder experienced by members of the military. However, anybody can develop PTSD,...

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The Effects of War on the Residing Human Population

War is terrible and it has negative impacts on survivors. In addition to devastation of lives, infrastructure and economies is the anxiety and trauma which are caused by war. Atrocities, torture, disappearances and sexual crimes are intended to cause terror in the population so that they can be controlled and...

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PTSD in Iraq Veterans

“Not all wounds are visible,” is the motto of many of the groups that serve veterans and help them overcome the impact of PTSD (IAVA, 2013). Often in the past veterans that complained about having problem’s adjusting to being back home or experiencing psychological problem were regarded as complainers or...

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PTSD Treatment

Introduction Post-traumatic stress refers to the mental effects that characterize people who have at one point or the other experienced stress. Such stress is usually felt in the later interactions of the people concerned in their relationships. Drug abuse and truancy are some of the manifest highlights of post-traumatic stress....

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Challenges Faced by Veterans Today

For many of the courageous men and woman who dedicate their lives to defending our country, the toughest challenge they face is often the transition back to every day life. This is reflected in their disproportionately high rates of suicide, approximately 50% higher than other civilians with similar demographic characteristics....

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