There are a lot of changes in perception of humanities these days. In this regards, public history allows to follow public demand for the successful projects in humanities. Thus, National Endowment for Humanities offers a wide range of projects that depict one’s attention to the ongoing trends in the environment of culture and humanities and manages to support these project financially and in terms of implementation. The case of supporting the projects by National Endowment for Humanities presents the best of examples of fundraising for projects, related to humanities. One of the most successful projects in this regards is the one, dedicated to Alexander Hamilton. One can see that it was supported with one million dollars grant. The estimated period for implementing the project was decided to last three years. When one looks at the amount of financial support, the question of the peculiarities of that project comes up.
If analyzing the amount of money provided for implementing the project, the fact that Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential personas in the American history can not be denied. It is important to stress the role of the founding fathers while leading domestic policies. The American political thought largely relates on the role of the founding father in creating national myths. The personality of Alexander Hamilton plays a huge role in comprehending American history and the economic system. He is largely appreciated for his input in the modern American economy. Thus, one of the primary reasons for funding the project is the fact that Alexander Hamilton had a lot of impact on American modern economy as well as the fact that project is of the great importance for authorities that take care of the representation of history to the public.
Another attractive element that made the project beneficial to fund is the fact that it was well-structured and meaningful. Some of is the part was largely didactic. People who would want to participate in the project would be able to look in the gallery and find teaching materials. A large part of the project was dedicated to the interpretation of the personality of Alexander Hamilton. What’s more, the project was ongoing and comprised some events that had a strong impact on participants. Another striking point the structure of the project is the fact that it revolved not only around the personality of Alexander Hamilton but also included the part of comprehending the époque in which he lived.
Alexander Hamilton project appeared to be successful also due to the fact that the materials gathered during that period were rather long-lasting. For instance, a large part of the project consists of the teachers materials that represent the époque. And even though the project was to terminate in 2007, its papers and influence would have a lasting meaning. People who Thus, the fact of the possible future use of materials had a significant meaning for those who were involved in interpreting the events of that époque.
To sum up, the project appeared to be successfully funded by the National Endowment for Culture due to the number of factors. It had a significant and symbolic meaning for the American domestic policy and representing American identity. Moreover, the project appeared to be very well-structures, and thus, it attracted the public that would be involved in interpreting the events of the époque. So, these were the most impactful factors in funding the project, related to public history.

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