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Public Relations

New Product Promotional Campaign

My firm has just been chosen to develop a promotional campaign for a new product that is a kid-friendly app that runs as a platform for new games, videos, training, education, and television that is especially catered towards media and entertainment that is not only loved by the kids but...

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Health Public Relations Plan

An assessment of the health needs and requirements of patients and communities accessing health care from our health facility reveals the need for a vigorous plan to rejuvenate the state of public relations. The new Public relations plan seeks to promote the hospital through a new branding strategy that will...

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Crisis Management and Communications

Developing a comprehensive approach to managing crises is crucial for any organization regardless of the industry or area of professional activities due to the fact that improper response to crises may ruin the reputation, thus incur vast financial losses and even lead to bankruptcy. For this reason, it is essential...

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Public Relations Case

Juli Briskman, the woman whose picture went viral after she raised her middle finger at President Trump’s motorcade was fired from her work place. She was biking to work when Donald Trump’s motorcade was leaving a golf course in Virginia. As they passed by, Briskman instinctively flipped at the motorcade....

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Public Relations Blunders

For many corporations, using social media is a way to attract and engage with customers that falls under the umbrella of public relations, the building and managing of reputations through the activity of disseminating information between the public and an organization. Social media “provides new opportunities and threats for today’s...

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