I have always had an interest and an aptitude for math and science. My grandfather, who worked as a chemical engineer, nurtured and encouraged this interest. When I started high school, I decided to focus my choice of electives in these two subjects. I am currently finishing my junior year in high school and my plan for college is to pursue a degree in chemical engineering.
In order to learn more about how chemical engineering is put to use in the real world, I managed a visit to the Shell Refinery in Port Dickson, Malaysia. I found the history of the Shell Company, founded in 1929, incredibly amazing. I was also impressed with the concern that they have, not only for advances in technology, but also for the environment. I am definitely planning for another two-day visit as soon as it can be arranged.

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During my lifetime I have had the pleasure of living in various countries around the world, including Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia. This familiarity with other cultures is a valuable asset because companies such as Shell operate companies all across the globe. I have also studied Spanish, which has been useful in improving my communication skills. I feel confident in my ability to exchange ideas in another language.

I believe that the classes that I have completed in high school form a firm foundation for the studies that I wish to pursue in college. I have developed my ability to research and analyze data by taking the IB Higher Level Chemistry Class. My participation in various community service programs has assisted me in improving my organizational skills. I am also comfortable working on a team because I believe that brainstorming and the sharing of ideas offer everyone the chance to learn and come up with a valid solution to the problem being discussed.
To gain legitimate, real-life experience, I will be serving as an intern with a petrochemical plant this summer. After my graduation from high school in 2016, my plan is to work as an intern once more.

I have carefully reviewed your web site and the details of your Chemical Engineering Program. The program that your university offers has definitely increased my interest in this profession. I plan to visit your campus during my senior year of high school, most likely during Spring Break of 2016.

Obtaining a degree in chemical engineering opens up a world of opportunities for me. There are so many modern-day careers that utilize what I can learn in studying chemical engineering.

What I will learn in studying chemical engineering can be put to use in development of better fertilizers to better increase the world-wide food supply. Food processing itself can be improved. Clothes can last longer with the use of synthetic fibers. The prospects are endless.
I am looking forward to a career that can offer me continuous learning. I am excited about working in a profession that will enable me to not only make a good life for myself but also help to improve the world for others.