Some individuals are great at being a team player in a work environment. Their direction and support for a task or a job comes from a supervisor. Others are inclined to prefer the challenges of business ownership. In order to be a successful business entrepreneur, specific qualities are needed. These include motivation, intelligence, service orientation, and people skills.
An entrepreneur must have the motivation to come up with a business idea. He must also search the market for similar successful businesses. Additionally, he needs to evaluate the probability of a business’s success. Finally, working long and arduous hours needed for self-employment is necessary. Lacking the motivation to look for opportunities on a daily basis or to learn more about the business all the time will spell disaster for an entrepreneur. So will failing to adapt to changes in the business environment.

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Intelligence is needed for an entrepreneur to succeed, as there are aspects of business that an entrepreneur is responsible for. This includes operations, finance, marketing and sales, public relations, personnel, and compliance. The brain power needed to fuel all of these aspects of business are central to becoming an entrepreneur.

A service orientation is necessary for an entrepreneur to have success. Being able to accommodate the customers of a business is the foundation of its financial success. This is not possible with poor customer service. A natural and true desire to provide customers with products and services they need and want are crucial to a successful entrepreneurial undertaking.

People skills will serve the successful entrepreneur well. Having a passion for employees, vendors, and customers will be evident, as will an insincere or intolerant attitude. Overall, having the motivation, the intelligence, and service orientation, and the people skills needed to run a successful business are basis tenant of entrepreneurship.