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Racism in Toyland

As described in the article, racism exists even in the toy departments across America. Dolls of various colors and ethnicities are not displayed on store shelves or at a minimum; with white dolls getting their fair share of shelf time. Perhaps this is derived from the long-standing tradition of the...

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Why Multiculturalism Can’t End Racism

Multiculturalism remains one of the most popular topics of political, social, and cultural discussions. In her article "Why Multiculturalism Can't End Racism", Marlene Nourbese Philip (1993) proposes an idea that multiculturalism and racism can successfully coexist. In other words, active promotion of multicultural values cannot guarantee successful eradication of racist...

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Where Race Lives

If the question is whether all people have the same access to home ownership, general economic opportunity, and wealth generation, then the answer is definitively no. As has been demonstrated by a number of skilled authors over time, America is a place of equality only in name. While some government...

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New Futures

For many centuries, the ‘victims’ of the system of rigid class, gender, race, and ethnic inequalities were not given an access to the field of art. As a result, art and culture at large reflected the mindset and worldview of the oppressor, who, typically, was a white man, unable to...

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The 1960s

The 1960s were years full of victories and tribulations that have shaped the United States of America. The history of America from the 1960s comprises of both political and social aspects that are practiced to date. The sixties can be described as the years of great victory and loss. The...

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