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How Cultural Elements And History Have Created And Are Changing Racism In Brazil

Brazil being the fifth largest and fifth most populated in the world is divided is occupied by many people with various cultural backgrounds. The country is divided into an assortment of regions that are often used for political purposes but in real sense these regions are occupied by various communities...

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Racial Conflicts in the American South and West During 1865-1900

The period of 1865 to 1900 begins shortly after the Civil War and marks a great degree of American progress westward. But, as the following will show, the progress that would eventually connect the eastern and western seaboards was fundamentally meant only for whites, as all others were targeted for...

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Critical Race Theory, Conflict Theory and NASW Ethical Principle

Through the lenses of critical race theory, Dr. Martin Luther King’s quote emphasizes the phenomenon of empathic fallacy that decreases the chances of the dominant group making a contribution to the establishment of equality. More specifically, expecting empathy from the oppressor is not likely to lead to any real consequences...

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Classism vs. Racism in Education

Classism is the systematic oppression of poor people and people who work for wages by those who have access to control of the necessary resources by which other people make their living. (Warnock and Briggs, 2015) Classism is amazing because it seems so necessary for a capitalistic society to function....

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Individual Versus Institutional Racism

It is essential to begin a discussion on individual versus institutional racism with a comprehensive definition of the very term that serves as the salient topic. �Racism has been defined as a system of oppression, whereby persons of a dominant racial group (Whites, in the United States) exercise power or...

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