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Discussing Race and Racism

Racism is the value or belief that one race is superior to another. Societies have had and always will have some sort of class or social stratification system that divides people based on characteristics. In some cases, these differences are divisive enough to give rise to social inequality that creates...

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Ethnic Racism Surrounding Immigration

Cultural and racial diversity has always been the issue of public and government deliberations. In 2002, Latino Americans outstripped the population of African Americans taking the leading number of the second-biggest population of the US. The overflowing immigration of the Hispanics was greatly attributed to the level of crimes. In...

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Racialized Social System

This article raises an interesting argument about the way in which the American education system shows evidence of institutionalised racism both when it attempts to prevent such racism and when it ignores it. The article describes how despite the fact that black children are actually statistically under-represented in special education...

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