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Rap Music

Maroon 5 Concert Analysis

I viewed the Maroon 5 concert performance from the 2014 iTunes Music Festival. Maroon 5 is a Pop-Rock band from Los Angeles, CA, fronted by lead singer, Adam Levine, who is also one of the judges on the NBC television series, The Voice. They hit the music scene in 2004...

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Rap and Earlier Forms of African American Music

Even though rap is indisputably considered the contemporary genre of music, it is deeply rooted in the earlier forms of African American musical narratives. Gospel, blues, and jazz are closely linked to the modern narratives of hip-hop and rap music. All of these manifestations of black music derived from the...

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The representation of women in Hip-Hop culture from 1980’s – 2010

SynopsisThe purpose of the research is to examine how women have been represented in hip hop culture from the 1980s up to the year 2010. Most of the analysis will be concerned about their roles, how they have been used to facilitate achievement of specific objectives in the music industry,...

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