The struggle for freedom is not a simple task, and it is something that everyone should focus on. To achieve freedom, commitment, sacrifice, and unity are essential. Leadership also plays an important role in airing people’s grievances to the relevant authority. The freedom of the black people in America was attained using various activities and actions by the blacks who were under influential nationalists. The prevalence discrimination that existed among the black people in the US lingers fresh in the minds of the people who were born in that time. Notably, nationalistic individuals are shaped by various things, such as religion and their personal experiences. People like Malcolm X were influenced by the religious beliefs, which was Islam. The religion provided him hope for a better world, which is essential to understanding the development of Malcolm X as a leader. Hopeful people are passionate and put the effort in achieving their objectives. This can be explicitly understood when one studies the life of Malcolm X as a preacher and the discrimination he experienced, something that made him be expelled. To understand more about Malcolm X organization and its nationalistic activities, this paper focuses on discussing the reasons I would agree to volunteer and work with Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity
It is important to state that I would agree to work with Malcolm’s organization for various reasons. First, the organization is aimed at speaking out against the oppressive actions of the American people to the black people who reside in America. This implies that I would join other members of the organization and dedicate my ideas, skills, and life to free people of the African descent from oppression. Oppression is against human rights, and I have always advocated. This implies that I will get a chance to fight for the rights of other discriminated groups. Malcolm is a man who had distinct ideas regarding fighting for the rights of the black people. While many black nationalists advocated integrationist thinking, Malcolm promoted separatism. This is because he believed that integration made the king play into the hands of the whites by accepting few gains to gain the favor of more conservative whites, making him fail to appreciate the problems of the entire black population. The views of separatism were employed to describe the white as the evil race, which focused on oppressing the African-Americas for many years. According to X, African-American had been stripped denied their rights, freedom, as well as culture and the only way they could escape from such injustices, would be to separate them. In fact, racial discrimination was real and persuasive. This is a very motivating approach in the sense that there is no need of integrating with people who do not value you. I would strongly like to work in the organization to learn more about what people should do to fight for their rights as well as that of others. It is important to state that when people are separate, they can discuss the challenges they are facing in the absence of their enemies and develop a strategy for overcoming them. I have always longed to work with a voluntary organization that promotes the welfare of people, and this will provide me with an opening to fulfill my desire.

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The determination and the confidence that the organization has been other driving factors that make me accept to work with it. Based on the fact that the organization holds that it is necessary to stop relying on the non-violent approach, I believe I shall learn how to utilize other methods that are more productive than non-violent approach. Although many people would argue that violent approach does not bear fruit, I think it is practical, especially where leaders are dictators. In fact, I will discuss the importance of uniting and how to eliminate the differences that are created by our opposers to keep people divided. The primary objective of uniting is to focus on the activities and loyalties to achieve its goal of attaining freedom from oppression. It is important to state that every person has the right to control his or life, just as the organization indicates. In this context, by working with this organization, I will rediscover my true identity, which many people do not recognize. Moreover, I will help people to rediscover their own and develop a positive attitude toward their color. It is important to state that unity is essential and learning to unite is key to succeeding in life. By working with the organization, I will interact with many people from various regions and share their ideas. As a result, I will improve my understanding and perception. Although the benefits associated with working with the organization may not be tangible, I am determined to learn many things, such as the role played Malcolm X and his unique approach used to fight against the injustices experienced by Africans. By working with people from the various institutions of higher learning, I will understand the challenges they are facing and compare them the ones in my college.

I believe that learning is a process, and people can acquire knowledge from various environments. Working with Malcolm X’s organization will broaden my thinking regarding particular issues that I encounter in daily life and view them from a positive perspective. Sometimes, peaceful methods may not work, just as Malcolm X held and people should unite and develop practical solutions to address their issues. Therefore, this will be achieved when I join the institution and learn more about such approaches.