The success of an organization is not only down to a sound strategic plan but also on its employees who are tasked with implementing these strategies. This means that finding the right persons for the job is a critical step that must be taken with a lot of consideration. With its fortunes growing in the recent past, Amazon plans to add 7,000 more staff, 5,000 for its fulfillment centers and 2,000 to serve as customer service agents, all for its U.S operations. This paper intends to come up with a recruitment and staffing plan for the position of a warehouse supervisor. Clearly, with an activity of such a magnitude, it is vital for any company to draft a strategic plan that will take them through the whole process of identifying the right individuals for the job.

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Abiding with the law and regulations is something that all organizations must aspire to do. When it comes to recruitment and selection, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act ought to be adhered to as a way of avoiding potential lawsuits challenging their appointments. Under this Act, all applicants are supposed to be treated equally by avoiding any discrimination along any line, whether religion, race, gender, color, ethnicity, nationality, among others (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2017). Amazon, therefore, needs to come up with an advertisement for the job openings whose wording does not, in any way, contain an element of discrimination. Additionally, these advertisements should contain the minimum requirements for the positions so as to set the standards for the applicants. This can be helped by a review of the advertisements by the HR and an attorney.

Recruitment is defined as a process through which organizations point out individuals who are the right fit for their companies in the respective positions, and do so swiftly by saving both costs and time spent in the process (Youssef & Stark, 2014). When recruiting employees, companies could choose to look to promote someone from within their ranks through an internal recruitment process or bring in someone new into the organization depending on job requirements. For Amazon’s case, it is best if they recruit externally as they seek to bring in more employees for their expanding business. However, this company could also promote some of the individuals who were already working in the other warehouses since they fully understand the operations, procedures, and job requirements of the warehouse supervisor position.

To the human resource department, recruitment helps save them a lot of time and resources by narrowing the pool of potential applicants who will apply for the job. This in turn makes it easy for an organization to hire the most competent applicants for the advertised positions. By using Workable, an applicant tracking system (ATS), Amazon could streamline this process as the tool helps in drafting and posting advertisements, storing resumes, and managing the entire recruitment and selection process (Workable, 2018).

Importance of Staffing
After applicants have expressed their interest in a particular job position through a formal application, the staffing team then comes in to select, deploy, and retain those individuals who meet the expected standards (Compton, Morrissey, & Nankervis, 2011). Staffing ensures that only the right individuals are selected for employment, and this has been found to have a direct impact on the productivity of an organization. This is because the hired personnel are bound to fit in seamlessly with the new culture and learn the new roles with ease. Furthermore, if properly motivated, these individuals could prove loyal to the organization and offer their services for a long period.

For the position of a warehouse supervisor, there will be a need to conduct several assessment tests. These assessments would include an interview which provides the interviewer to obtain the necessary information about the applicant that could not be brought out in a resume. For instance, a psychometric analysis can be conducted on the candidates from their responses and body language. For this position, a stress assessment is also recommended to determine how the applicants respond to different hypothetical situations that they are likely to face on the job.

Interviewing Techniques
Given the interview is the main form of assessment, the HR team ought to have a strategy that would be used to conduct the activity. For this position, it is important to set up an interviewing panel that constitutes between three and five individuals. For the interview itself, the panel could use structured questions for the initial stages before resorting to an unstructured interview where the interviewee does most of the talking and guides the direction of the conversation. For the structured section, the following questions could be asked:
What attracted you to apply for this position at Amazon?
Talk about your experience in managing people in a busy environment like the one that you can expect to find at Amazon.
What value do you bring to this organization?
Describe a system or process that you improved with an aim of streamlining operations in a warehouse. If none, what can you do you have in mind?
How do you handle yourself while working in a high pressure environment like the one you will find as a warehouse supervisor?
These questions will enable the panel to gain insight on the motivation of the candidate as well as their ability to bring competence and change to the organization if need be.

Recruitment and staffing has for years been considered a fundamental part of an organization’s fortune. With recruitment focusing mainly on attracting talented individuals, staffing is essential in selecting, training and retaining the best out of them. Workable provides a great platform upon which the recruitment and managing of the staffing process takes place. Furthermore, interviews and stress tests are considered vital if Amazon is to attain the best results.