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Best Practices for Hiring

Companies can succeed or fail based not only on revenue but also on the degree to which they are true to their internal culture. Even just one or two bad hires can have an enormous effect on employee morale, productivity, and ultimately, the profits realized. Many people choose to hire...

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Staff Recruiting and Retention

The purpose of this project is to define the benefits of staff recruitment and retention in my career. Professionalism is important to maintain within all industries that I can envision being a part of. After graduation I would be interested in continuing research that will positively affect the community I...

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Internal Recruitment

A human resource manager desires to have motivated employees who have excellent comprehension of their roles. Since employees are the heart of organizations, it is essential to acquire and retain workers with the needed talents. Recruitment serves as the fundamental process of obtaining individuals who can assist an organization attain...

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Recruiting and Selecting the Right People

Recruitment is the activity of searching for potential applicants to fill a position. Indeed, each company wants to use a credible recruitment strategy able to produce viable applicants that fit in the company’s values and needs. Therefore, an efficient recruitment process should not only attract a large number of applicants,...

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Recruitment and Staffing Plan

The success of an organization is not only down to a sound strategic plan but also on its employees who are tasked with implementing these strategies. This means that finding the right persons for the job is a critical step that must be taken with a lot of consideration. With...

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