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Internet Recruiting Issues

The internet, which first came into public prominence in the 1990s, has completely reshaped the ways in which businesses operate in the world, moving towards a more global mindset rather than local. This global focus also lends itself to recruiting tactics or employer’s attempts to find suitable candidates for job...

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Job Descriptions and Job Analysis

The issue of job analysis sparks debate, even among HR professionals. Managers, supervisors, and employees are often heard to complain that job descriptions and job analysis are a waste of their time or that job analysis does not hold any value for them. “Job analysis is the systematic process of...

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Job Analysis

The purpose, or end-product, of a job analysis is to produce the job description. A job description is then driven by the data culled from the job analysis; a rather labor-intensive effort that is both expensive and time consuming (Prien, Goodstein, Goodstein & Gamble, 2009). While Aamodt (2016) argues that...

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Job Description Analysis

IntroductionThis paper will address the desired skill set, the manner of recruitment, and the proper assessment of candidates for a job in Estate Management. Estate Management is a broad occupational umbrella that can cover all manner of tasks, from overseeing the financial affairs of an individual or family, managing rental...

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