Reducing water usage is important, especially since several areas in the United States are struggling with droughts and water that is unsuitable for daily use. Thankfully, I do not live in a drought stricken area, but I, as anyone else, could stand to have a lower utility bill and help to conserve the precious resource. Every little bit from every small change counts and although I have my own personal hangups, I can do what I can and I am more than willing to actually do so.
There are certainly ways that I could use less water in my own personal life. When I think about it, I notice that I tend to keep the water running for a lot of things that I do around the house. I keep the water running as I brush my teeth, even if I am not using the water for anything. I keep the water running as I wash dishes instead of letting the sink fill up and use that dishwasher. I let the shower heat up and steam up the bathroom before I get in. Finally, I leave the water running as I wash my hair instead of turning it off. These are all of the obstacles that keep me from taking those steps. I think that I also have a personal issue with seeing standing water; this is why I do not use dishwater and rarely take baths. Seeing standing water is gross to make and the sight of it makes me want to throw up.

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Over the years, many scientists and environmentalists have attempted to come up with ways to invent a more sustainable toilet. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ran a content and students from the California Institute of Technology won with a flushing toilet that relies on solar power to power a reactor that breaks down waste into fertilizer. There have been efforts made to build high efficiency and dual flush toilets, so the technology is there to do so. In my mind, these developments show that an alternative to the common mode of toilet technology is feasible. I think the best way to accomplish this would be to support these developments by installing them into more homes that look to be eco-conscious where it works.

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