There are far more examples of Arabic people as villains in American films than can be counted. From military and war movies to children’s cartoons, all have been drastically influenced by the demeaning stereotype of my people as villains, killers, and incompetent comedic relief. More often than not though, my heritage is depicted as barbaric, terrorists, and greedy murders that do everything they can to either take advantage of or kill anyone we can, particularly those pretty blond haired and blue eyed Americans we all hate so much. The saddest part is how widespread this stereotype has become, and how much harm it is doing do my people and all other groups that are similarly disrespected and demeaned.
These attitudes and prejudices have gone so far as to invade the everyday life of most people living within the United States if not Europe and Asia as well. This is not the first time that stereotypes have harmed other people before, most minorities have been singled out at one time or another, usually because they are recognized as looking different from what is at the time considered normal or typical. Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians and many others have all been judged based on a prevailing idea that there is something frightening and wrong about us. This idea has even gone so far as to invade politics, with unwarranted prejudices influencing the decisions politicians and law makers make on a day to day basis. It is both infuriating and depressing to note how different we are treated from other peoples, and yet, I know that there is still hope. Strides have been made to change people’s perceptions of Arabic people and reduce if not remove the stereotype that has bound us for so long. I know that it is only a matter of time, before this travesty is remedied within this nation.

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