Bordertown is an American drama film that was released in 1935 and 2006 consequently.Archie Mayo directs Bordertown 1935, and the starring was Bette Davis and Paul Muni. The screenplay of the movie by Wallace Smith and Laird Doyle is based on the adaptation of the novel Border Town written by Carroll Graham. The supporting cast of the film includes Eugine Pallette, Robert Barrat, and Margaret Lindsay. Although the other films such as They Drive by Night, do not have a nonspecific remake of the movie Bordertown they include similar scenes and many of the plot elements of the movie.

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Reflection on the movies Bordertown (1935) and Bordertown (2006)

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The film Bordertown 1935, helped me on understanding about the romantic triangle which can lead to madness or death. It also allowed me to take a moment and have a reflection about how the enthusiastic attorney who is a Mexican can be disbarred after the first trial because of his flagrant and disregard of the etiquette in the courtroom Since he was desperate for work. Therefore decides to take the job of a bouncer at a poor border town in a night club which is owned by Charlie Roar. Marie that is Charlie brother is attracted to Johnny and after that makes a none-too-subtle play. Johnny, however, has his eyes on a specialty that is Dale Elwell who enjoys slumming on the on low-class dives. Johnny informs Marie that it is the violation of the principles to have a relationship with a married woman and after that decides to do something concerning it. Therefore she traps Charlie who is drunken into his car and the car locked in a garage with the intention of taking him out of the picture. When Marie explains later to Johnny, she had killed her Husband; Johnny does not want her. She became bitter and implicated herself in the murder of Charlie which led to a dramatic trial.

The movie Bordertown 2006 is founded on a real story regarding the killings of women in Juarez. Two men brutally rape a lady Eva Jimenez and lead her almost dead. The woman wakes and crawls Lauren Adrian an American journalist is asked to cover the murder story of Juarez. Lauren is haunted by the terrible memories and decides to find Eva’s rapists after she got her. Therefore with the assistance of the Mexican newspaper and Eva. Lauren disguises herself as a worker for a few days before Eva was to testify about the rape case, Lauren leaves Juarez to see whether his story would be published order for her to identify and trap therapists. They were able to catch one, but the other managed to escape. Eva tries to flee to the United States since Juarez was gone but is found the editor of the newspaper that is Alfonso is also a victim of the drive-by shooting and when Lauren returned he was dead. Lauren went on trying to look for Eva but is encountered by therapists instead, and she is also attacked.

In comparison, the two movies portray the rot in society, especially in relationships. The characters portray how women undergo mistreatments in the hands of men. The two plays also depicts the importance of justice. In the contrasts, the movies have used different characters. Therefore, the theme might be altered. The setup and the scenes in the films also have a huge time difference. Therefore, the characters in the movie might be addressing different issues altogether.Lastly, the setup of the films are distinct. The one of the cinematography is that the film when viewed the characters are speaking straight to us that is straight on, and the angles of the video shots vary from high to low.

In conclusion, among the many characters in the movies, all of them try to expose the reality of what goes on in our society. It is also surprising to note that rights of women have been violated in the society for a very long time as conveyed on the film. Therefore it is important for the society to consider implementing gender rules to safeguard women.