The purpose of this paper is to determine if I have become a better listener during this course. In all honesty, that would be decided based upon what is meant by being a listener and what my skill level was in this capacity prior to participating in this class. I always have considered myself a good listener. At least in the respect that I listen to others and am very perceptive of what transpires around me as well as outside of my environment. I am an inquisitive person by nature and have an appreciation for other peoples’ opinions as well as new ideas or concepts. I think this class has expanded that within me, but it merely touched upon a trait I already possessed.

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The other component of this paper is whether there were specific things in class such as assignments, lectures or notes that improved my listening skills. I would have to say that this was primarily accomplished during lectures and not through class exercises. The lectures were what was pointed out how to become a better listener and intrigued me as to what makes a good listener or a bad listener. I’m a very visual and oral person and hearing something in a lecture capacity makes it sink in or leave an impression much more so than reading an assignment or taking an examination. Overall, I am very pleased with this course, not only because it did expand my listening skills, which I feel makes me a better and more well-rounded person, but also because I really enjoyed the class itself. The lectures were interesting and well founded and the classwork did not feel like work. It was an excellent experience and I truly appreciated the time I spent in this course.