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Leadership Reflection

A successful leader should not be measured solely by their own success in being uplifted by others but rather in their capability to uplift others to a level equal to or superior to their own. In this, I have found that a true leader is able to recognize the abilities...

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Leadership Reflection Essay

In this paper, the purpose is to critically reflect upon information about the information that I garnered through several self-assessment tests, as well as, life experiences about mu leadership strengths and weaknesses. The present study will be informed by themes and theories that have been advanced on leadership. There were...

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Reflection on the Islamic State

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a radical Islamist organization which aims to establish an Islamic empire on the territories of Iraq and Syria, believing that this is God’s will. They ultimately hope to extent it into a global empire. This extremist organization has organised multiple killings...

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North Korea

(1) In what ways do you see North Korea as being "developed" according to the standards of living in our country? North Korea clearly has a well-developed infrastructure, as evidenced by the roads and buildings depicted in the film, though the cities are not exactly the most attractive in the...

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Individual Reflection Paper

Emerging counseling practitioners face a diversity of challenges on their way to becoming professionals. From the basic understanding of psychopathology to the subsequent realization of the limits and advantages of diagnostic labels, practitioners undergo a dramatic change in individual and professional consciousness. This change either facilitates or impedes their gradual...

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Reflective Essay On Education

My education as an immigrant to the United States started when I was about to start the fifth grade in my home country. Nine years ago my parents decided to emigrate to the United States and join our extended family there. My brother and I were to immerse in a...

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Reflective Essay On Yourself

I remember when I was younger, every weekday I would wake up 15 minutes early so I could catch a little bit of cartoons before my mom would come into my room and tell me it’s time to get ready for school. Pokémon was my favorite; I even had all...

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Asian Film Review

According to the Adam Clulow article Like Lambs in Japan and Devils Outside Their Land and the film Will of the Shogun, the Tokugawa Shugunate certainly faced particular obstacles and like all other dynasties of a like nature, produced enduring legacies both for its future subjects as well as world...

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Reflective Journal: My Approach to Writing

Within this English Composition course, I hope to improve my writing skills. Communication is so important in every aspect of life, both oral and written. By improving my communication skills, I will be able to express my thoughts clearly so that they can be understood by anyone who reads my...

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Reflective Paper: Do Animals Have Rights?

The idea of animal right and the place of non human creatures in the world alongside humans is one of the most controversial and potentially moving topics in the modern ethics. It necessarily leads to arguments regarding the nature of autonomy, the precise nature of what amounts to a right,...

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Reflection Essay on Race and Education

Will is a 24-year old white male. He grew up in a rural town in the heart of the Deep South, hailing from a place in South Carolina. Raised by parents who bounced from the upper-middle class to the lower-middle class depending upon the circumstances surrounding their business, Will has...

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Reflection On Social Media In Higher Education

My research essay turned out successfully and also provided me with new learning about both the researching and the writing process. The success of this project was due in part to the appropriate and relevant topic that I chose. Since this is such a timely topic finding relevant literature was...

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Reflective Summary of Strategic Plan

A strategic plan entails document that can be used to communicate organizational goal, the specific actions required to achieve the goals and other critical elements that the implementing team develops during the planning exercise. Strategic planning is an area of management leadership that helps managing an activity to set priorities,...

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Reflective Self Analysis

Attending college offers much more benefits than just career preparation and social experiences. Being a student strengthens command of language and application of it through writing. Never before enrollment in my courses did I truly consider the power of the pen. It is true that writing can influence readers, inspire...

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Education Is the Key to Success: Reflection Essay

The quote, “Education is the key to success” is a quote that we all have heard of. To me this is nothing short of truth and I am determined to go an extra mile to acquire an education. Having crossed borders from China to the United States, it is evident...

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Reflective Essay About Music

Music involves the production of melodies, sound, beats, and rhythmic tunes through songs and instruments. As such, listening to music evokes a feeling which cannot be described unless it is heard. Music can be interpreted in many ways depending on the approach taken by the musician. If one was surrounded...

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Schindler’s List: Reflection on the Movie

“Schindler’s List” is about a man caught up in Nazi Germany who defies regulation by saving as many Jews as possible. Schindler’s power and prestige during the Third Reich allow him an advantage over most and he uses this power in order to buy Jews to work in his “factory”....

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Personal Reflections on Readings on Disaster Management

Reading #1 Schipper & Pelling (2006) discussed the difficulties in having several different sources of conflict response protocols and the lack of interaction between the three different communities of practice. The paper suggested that disaster management is of increasing importance because of the role of climate change in the rising...

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Self Reflective Journal Entry

Leadership roles and effective communication skills in these roles are critical in all areas of life whether the individual is in a leadership position or in a position whereas group functions and meetings are a necessary part of the task. It is important to recognize one’s own weaknesses and areas...

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Reflective Memo About Learning

Writing is typically something that most people learn early in life. Starting from elementary grade levels, we are taught to express ourselves in written form. As we progress through the educational system, our writing becomes more coherent and detailed, reflecting the knowledge that we have acquired as we have moved...

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How to Write a Reflective Essay

From time to time, you may be asked to write a reflective essay. When writing this essay, you will need to look back at what you have learned and reflect it on paper. For example, after completing an internship, you may be required to write a reflection essay on that experience. Read on to understand what a reflection essay is, and how to write one correctly.

What is a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay describes an experience or event and analyzes the experience’s meaning and what you can learn from it. In this essay, you analyze an experience or event from the present. The essay should include an explanation of your feelings, thoughts, and reactions.

What to Write About in a Self Reflection Essay

When writing a reflection essay, the common subjects may include:

How to Write a Reflective Essay

The organization of a reflection essay is not very different from the other essay types. The outline of a reflective essay should be as follows:

How to Write a Spell Bounding Introductory Paragraph for Your Reflective Paper

In the first paragraph, you should identify your subject and provide a general overview of an impression the subject made on you. Remember to include a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph to serve as your paper’s focal point.

The thesis statement should include information on that ‘experience’ and brief knowledge on what your essay will be about. Remember to keep the introduction catchy, informative, and brief.

Crafting Effective Body Paragraphs of a Self Reflection Essay

To ensure you don’t waffle and repeat yourself throughout this section, you should try to adopt a chronological approach. This means bringing out everything you want to talk about as it unfolded in time.

By laying out essential aspects of your experience in a timeline, it will help you piece the narrative together. This approach will make your work look systematic and organized.

Ensure the body paragraphs focus on providing appropriate reflection and critique. So, don’t only summarize the experience or event; explain the impact of the experience on your life and any lessons you have drawn from it.

Emphasize on reflection rather than a summation. By providing a reflection, you give readers an insight into a particular experience or event. Besides, you portray your personality as well as the ability to adapt to and handle specific situations.

How to Write a Proper Conclusion for Your Reflective Essay

The last paragraph is usually a general overview and recap of your reflection essay. A good conclusion should:

Writing Tips for a Reflection Essay

When writing this essay, you should:

  1. Watch what you write
  2. A reflection essay is a personal form of writing because it contains your opinions and feelings about something. So, before you add anything to the piece, ask yourself whether it’s appropriate to include such information. If you don’t feel comfortable about including something personal, don’t include it or write about it general terms.

  3. Remain professional
  4. Although a reflection essay is personal, stay professional. Don’t use slang or abbreviations. Also, use correct grammar and spelling. Remember to focus on experiences and reflections as opposed to going into detail about someone else.

    Even if a person played a significant role in that experience, remain professional by describing the actions the individual took rather than the person.

  5. Check Twice
  6. Review each sentence of the essay to get rid of any errors

    • Keep sentences to the point. Don’t squeeze two different thoughts in a single sentence
    • Don’t write unfinished sentences. Ensure all sentences have been purposeful.

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