Within this English Composition course, I hope to improve my writing skills. Communication is so important in every aspect of life, both oral and written. By improving my communication skills, I will be able to express my thoughts clearly so that they can be understood by anyone who reads my writing.
In my university career, I hope that by improving my writing skills, I will be able to excel in my studies. Many classes require writing assignments and essays and I believe with practice and instruction I can give my opinions effectively on paper. In my professional life, my writing skills will allow me to construct a good resume and get a good job. Employers like people who can communicate well. Personally, my writing skills will help me to write letters to family in a way that I can be proud.

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When writing an academic paper, many steps must be taken to ensure quality work. My goal when writing a paper is to make it clear, concise and grammatically correct. I always try to get my thoughts organized with an outline or brainstorming of ideas. By setting goals and following guidelines, my essays will turn out well and through practice, achieving my goal will eventually become easier.

When writing for others to evaluate my material, my biggest challenge is making sure they understand my ideas. I want to communicate very effectively and when others read my work, I worry that they will not fully understand my point of view. I am also concerned about the reactions others will have to my work because often writing is very personal. If a topic is important to me, I try my best to allow the reader to realize the importance as well. Sometimes I am afraid that the reader will not see my thoughts and opinions as clearly as I do and then I have failed at my task.