The article in the New York Times says President Trump’s immigrant ban was porrly designed and implemented in haste. It even included those with green card and caused Iraqi translators for the U.S. Army to be detained temporarily. The ban has also prevented many visa holders from the countries in the list that had been admitted to the nation’s ksot prestigious universities or granted prestigious research fellowships. There were at least two court rulings against the ban though they were limited in scope. The first ruling by a federal judge in Brooklyn prohibited the government from deporting some who had already arrived in the U.S. Even though the government allowed green card holders to enter on a case-by-case basis, the criteria is not clear. The government alleges it consulted with the state department as well as homeland security before implementing the ban but some officials from these two respective government institutions dispute it .
It is clear the ban was implemented in hurry hence all the problems. It failed to take into account the potential problems that immediately arose as soon as the ban went into effect. If the claims by some at the state department and the homeland security are true, the architects of the ban didn’t even properly consult with the state department and the homeland security. The ban has not only hurt America’s social image but also economic interests. The victims include some of the brightest minds from the countries included in the list who might have become Americans in the future and help advance the country’s scientific accomplishments.

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The ban was designed and implemented in haste. It didn’t only leave those confused who were tasked with enforcing it but also affected permanent residents of the country. The quick court judgments that all went against the government also support the idea that the ban was poorly designed and implemented.

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