Relationships mean different things for different people. Some of them value their relationships and try to build new ones. Others believe that being in a relationship is a huge responsibility. Therefore, they choose to live and act on their own. However, humans are social beings. They cannot isolate themselves from the world they live in. Consequently, they cannot live their lives without having at least one friend or being in at least one relationship. Instead of creating a distance between themselves and the world, people should learn to build strong social ties with each other, so that they can come to rescue in a difficult situation or share the joy of living on planet Earth.

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Relationships are an important element of people’s daily routines. A person interacts with a dozen of other people every day. These include family members, colleagues, friends and neighbors, classmates, relatives, and others. Relationships create a network of social contacts, which unites people. New technologies make it easier for people to keep in touch, regardless of the physical distance between them. The modern society promotes the value of social relationships. Children are encouraged to support their parents. Friends and relatives are empowered to meet and communicate more frequently. Unfortunately, even in the age of the technological revolution, many people choose to stay alone. They either do not realize the value of relationships or do not know how to build them.

In an overcrowded world, more and more people choose to keep from any relationships. They justify their decision in a variety of ways. For someone, being alone is a matter of personal success. Such people cannot afford spending their time on relationships, since they are busy making a professional career or promoting their business ideas. For someone else, loneliness is the only way to hide from the overwhelming presence of technologies. Everyone has a smartphone. Everyone has a laptop. Millions of people use Facebook. Millions of others share their pictures on Instagram. As a result, for many people, not being in a relationship is a matter of enjoying their unique way of life. Some people do not engage in a relationship, because they are not ready to assume and share a responsibility with another person. Some others decide that they are too independent to be connected to a single person for a long period of time. Many people think that they are not created for being in a relationship. All of them fail to benefit from a strong relationship and make their lives better.

Instead of creating a distance between themselves and the rest of the world, people should come closer to build and maintain productive relationships. Such relationships will make their lives more colorful. It is not difficult to see that being in a relationship is a matter of responsibility. However, it is also a source of happiness and joy for everyone involved. Relationships bring people together, letting them share their joys and sorrows. They create a communication network, which can be useful when people need support and understanding. Without relationships, a human being loses his or her social component. It is no use creating a wall between oneself and the rest of the world. Relationships can become a true spiritual, emotional, and even physical salvation for thousands of lonely people around the globe.

To conclude, relationships carry different meanings. While someone treats them as the most valuable part of their lives, others avoid being in a relationship for a variety of reasons. Those who ignore the importance of relationships do not realize how many benefits such relationships can promise. From emotional support to physical and financial assistance, relationships create a sense of security. Humans are social beings, which is why they should accept the importance of relationships and enjoy their benefits to the fullest.