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Interpersonal Film Paper

The film that will be highlighted in this paper is “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The characters of Ana and Christian enter a relationship that begins with an S &M contract that Christian has drawn up and Ana has signed. What begins as a sexual and physical relationship changes for both...

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My Experience to Be a Good Boyfriend

A modern Iranian-English author Kamand Kojouri wrote, “Share yourself with me.  I will never judge you.  I am here  and I will stay here  only to love you.”  I guess her words can become the motto of my romantic relationship. Being a good boyfriend is not something everyone can boast...

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Relationship Challenges

People have many relationships, and it is inevitable that they will be deceived at some point. These deceptions come in many forms, as do the attempts to fix the damage that occured because of it. That is, once the deception has been discovered, the offending party generally offers some form...

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Counseling Relationship Reflection

Before taking this course, I focused on effective counseling skills and did not consider the contribution of the physical environment to the counseling outcomes. As I observe the client and changing my communication techniques to connect with them, the client is also taking note of the environment and this determines...

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The Effects of Dating after Forty: New Wave Relationships

Dating in one’s forties is not the same as dating when one is younger. The idea of dating after the age of forty sounds like a daunting task to those who dated in their twenties—and it is. The effects of dating after forty are also different from the effects of...

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