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Western-Muslim Clash in Understanding of Polygamy

The relevance of the research question, “how and to what extent does Western-Muslim understanding of polygamy clash with the traditional Muslim understanding of polygamy in relation to extant literature on this topic” remains underpinned by the difference in the Western and Muslim world view connected to culturalism and Western misconceptions...

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What Causes A Family To Have Close Relationships?

Families are an important component within the society. Different frameworks and principles guide these families. Numerous factors play an important role in determining the direction in which a family should follow and what basis drives the family. One of the most crucial factors that are associated to any positive family...

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Development of Healthy Relationships

Introduction Relationships are one of the central defining aspects of our lives. The majority of people cannot survive without healthy relationships, and gaining the ability to create and maintain them is an important part of the developmental process. There are several theories of how we develop healthy relationships on lives,...

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Marriage and Family Therapy

Personal Statement Psychology is about understanding the human mind, both as individuals and in group contexts, and how this knowledge can be used to give psychological help to people. I, for one, understand the power of therapy in changing people’s perceptions of themselves and consequently their feeling and behaviors. In...

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The Issues Of Family and Marriage

Society is constantly changing, and these transformations change the functions of social institutions. This is especially evident today when the generation of Millennials is becoming fully involved in public life. Their values and approach to life are different from those of other generations, and they are already changing American society....

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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