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TV Families and Myths About Families

“The Cosby Show” 2. How the Cosby Show depicted family: What is the family structure? The family structure of the Cosby Show was a nuclear family which included two parents, a mother and a father, and five children. Later, as the show progressed, some extensions of the family were added...

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My Father Sits in the Dark

There are many parents and kids that have hard relationships. In Jerome Weidman’s “My Father Sits in the Dark,” he explains that bad communication is the main reason for why parents and kids don’t understand each other. Weidman shows this in the relationship between a dad and son in this...

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Judy Brady Doesn’t Want a Wife: A Definitional Essay

In “I Want a Wife”, feminist Icon Judy Brady states that she wants a wife, because a wife will meet all her needs and desires, while demanding little of her in return. Yet Brady’s definition of “wife” is shallow and unrealistic. Real wives are not always subservient. Many place their...

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How Dating Has Changed Over the Years

It is hard to argue that dating has not greatly changed over the past several decades. Generally speaking, long gone are the days when a young man courts a lady in her home, having tea with her parents or being chaperoned on a walk (and no holding hands!). Today’s generation...

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Exploring Bengali Women’s History Of Marriage

In this essay, I will argue that, while there are both benefits and drawbacks to arranged marriages for Bengali women, the choice should ultimately be up to the individual. In this essay, I will draw upon diverse texts penned by Anirvan Chatterjee, Malavika Karlekar and Manisha Roy so as to...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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