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Spousal Violence

Spousal violence is among the most difficult crimes to study as the statistics are specifically related to the willingness and ability of the victim to report the abuse. The privacy of the home is considered to be a primary right of the residents and therefore, without personal accounts of this...

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Management Relationship and Effect on Employees

The management relationship and its effect on employees remains essential for effective organizational growth and development. Ethical and moral leadership set by management’s example clearly outlined by transparent guidelines of the expectations the organizational hierarchy has of its workers as part of the stakeholders of the company remains a fundamental...

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The issue of Divorce and Solutions

More than ninety percent of people living in Western cultures get married before they are fifty years old and forty to fifty percent end up divorcing. The divorce rate for second and third marriages is even higher (Marriage and Divorce). This is a very high rate of divorce and raises...

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Communication in Couples: Seeing through Rose Colored Glasses

Sometimes couples know each other so well they can communicate with single words or phrases that impart an entire message. Other couples can’t seem to understand each other no matter how many times the two individuals repeat what they are trying to get across. In the first case, the couple...

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Symbiotic Relationship

Continuing education can have a wide variety of meanings. It can mean working professionals who take formal courses or it can also include working professionals who attend workshops and seminars (Dymock et al., 2013). Within the field of health services administration continuing education is essential. In particular there exists a...

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