The Genesis 1-3 (“Genesis 1-3”) tells the story of the creation of the world, the creation of a man and a woman, and their fall from the Garden of Eden after being deceived by a serpent. Before the Beginning the “earth was formless and empty” (“Genesis 1-3” 1.2), and there was nothing except darkness. The Spirit of God decided to fill the earth with life and create a perfect place for all living forms to exist. On the first day, He separated day from night by creating light. On the second day, He created the sky as a “vault between the waters” (“Genesis 1-3” 1.6). On the third day, land and vegetation (various kinds of trees and plants) were created.

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On the fourth day, God created the Sun, the moon, and the stars that governed times of the day and showed the difference between the darkness and the light. On the fifth day, God made birds in the sky and living creatures in the waters. On the sixth day, He produced the living creatures on the ground. They were the wild animals and the livestock. And then, God created a man “in our image, in our likeness” (“Genesis 1-3” 1.26), who would dominate over the birds, animals, fish, and all other creatures. The seventh day was for rest, and that is why it was blessed and holy.

The natural world was fruitful, vivid, and of the large size. It was created in the form of a garden with a tree of knowledge located in the center of it. The fruits from it were forbidden to eat not to open the eyes and live in complete trust in God and His guidance and will. The first man, Adam, was given a first woman, Eve, made of his rib. Both of them were free to whatever they wanted except the tree of knowledge. Their lives were limited only by not knowing a difference between good and evil. The tree rule set by God taught Adam and Eve obey God’s will and live according to his rules and orders. Adam gave the names to all of the living creatures. Adam and Eve lived as partners who were suitable helpers to each other. The deceit by the serpent showed the drawbacks of the weak nature of the humans and demonstrated the negative consequences that come from breaking the set rules. The future of humanity, as children of Adam and Eve, was changed because God cursed them for disobedience.

God in the Genesis 1-3 evolves from the spirit of God who makes the world of the living, a perfect place for all living creatures, to the creator of the first humans. He is like a loving and caring father to the humanity, guiding them and teaching to live in cooperation and trust and to follow the rules. After the only law was broken, God is angry with His creations. He curses them and their children to live in pain and hard work to survive. It shows that God is just: breaking the rules causes punishment.

The Abrahamic faiths share the myth of Creation. It has a different interpretation of God’s making decision about creating a man. In Genesis, it was his decision, and in the Bereshith, He is opposed by angels and seraphim of Truth and Peace. They knew humanity would be full of lying and no respect for truth, and consequently spoil the harmony of God’s creation. Only Charity supported God’s idea of creating a man in His likeness. It believed a man would be a helper in distress and would bring peace and calmness to those who need them. God followed Charity’s vision and created man, giving him the Truth to make him law-abiding, just like Him. So, the true nature of the humanity was already known to Peace and Truth, and from the very beginning, God’s angels did not believe in the goodness of God’s creation because the humans were merely looking like Him, but did not equal Him and were weak-hearted and ambitious.