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Charismatic Gifts

Charismatic Gifts: Introduction As indicated by the title of this paper, the following discussion focuses on the debate over charismatic gifts, specifically whether sign gift continue in today’s world or have ceased, the purpose of sign gifts and whether they are being practiced in a biblical sense. Essentially this addresses...

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Manifestations of Religious Elements

Religion generates controversy just like any other discourses in the mainstream society. The controversies are outcomes of the different basic elements on which different religions are founded. Traditional religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, have some common elements even though perceptions towards them varied significantly. However, the emergence of...

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Relief-Rehabilitation Continuum And Religion

There has been an upsurge of activities relating to the relief-development continuum and its several linkages to relied development. Further activities have pointed towards the relief-development interface and the transitioning from relief to development. The subject has appeared in several religious workshops and conferences that have taken place. The concept...

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Rieg vs. Beddinghaus

The most important thing to Mr. Beddinghaus is that he feels as though his complaints are listened to and not dismissed as trivial. Being that Mr. Beddinghaus is an elderly neighbor of the Church, it is important to remain on good terms with him; however, Mr. Beddinghaus undoubtedly has more...

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Question Paper on Religious Traditions

Does Jihad in Islam really mean a holy war of Muslims against all the non-Muslims? I chose this question because, in the 21st century, the term is commonly used in America and other non-Muslim countries as referring to this kind of religious military aggression, particularly in relation to terrorist organizations....

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