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Life in a California Mission, Based on Eulalia Perez’s “An Old Woman Remembers”

My life in the mission began after I had become widowed, with nowhere else to go. My husband was a soldier who fought and died in the Mexican-American war, leaving me and my three daughters without a husband or father. I sought life in a San Diego mission, where I...

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The Male Divine

Traditionally, in polytheistic societies where the divine realm is divided into male gods and female goddesses, there exists specific qualities which are assigned to both, which appear to be anthropomorphic assumptions about qualities of men and women. That is to say that the polytheistic universe is based on human beings...

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Journal Response

The author of the article focuses on acknowledging the goodness of God and His relationship with her and her children. Mary portrays how God is faithful to His promises and dealings and accepts that He is the one who protects her children. When one reads the introduction part, he or...

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How the two creation accounts reconcile via recourse to mid rash

In the first account of creation, both Adam and Eve are made on the same occasion. However, the other account portrays the two being created at different times, whereby Adam was created first, and Eve was made out of his rib. In fact, the two stories are contradicting. Midrash, which...

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Establishing Legitimacy in Paganism

The United States has evolved into a nation in which religion has become more diverse, causing adherents of emerging religions to be subjected to continuous challenges to the legitimacy of their religious practices as these practices vary greatly from those of traditional religions as members of the general population, chief...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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