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Genesis: A Story of Redemption

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is revered as sacred literature by three world faiths. Even among nonbelievers, its stories are famous—stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, and Joseph in Egypt. People of faith may view these stories as true accounts of historical people; others may...

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St. Augustine’s Confessions

St. Augustine is one of the most prominent Christian writers and philosophers of all times. His works, written in a transitional period between the early Christianity and the Christian thought of the Middle Ages, create, so to say, a bridge between these two eras, combining the knowledge of the past...

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Book of Romans

IntroductionIn a very real sense, and by virtue of the Apostle Paul's instructing the Romans through letters, the Book of Romans serves as something of an introduction to the faith itself. In particular, Chapters One through Eight are direct expressions of the meaning of the Gospel, which are necessary to...

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Humanities: Looking for Signs

Not everybody believes in God, the divine, or the supernatural. Some people believe that this physical existence is all there is; when a person dies, that’s it – there is nothing more. However, some people do believe in the divine and the supernatural; they believe that there is more to...

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Terry Wardle’s “Outrageous Love Transforming Power”

Terry Wardle authors the book “Outrageous Love Transforming Power” following her ministries in the service of Christ. The aim entailed in the book touches on a core subject that is apparent in the society today, particularly in the body of Christ. The church is declining and losing in content and...

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