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Silence by Shusaku Endo

Silence was published in 1966 by the Catholic Japanese author, Shusaku Endo. It tells the story of Father Sebastion Rodrigues, a Jesuit priest who lives in Portugal. The story starts in 1637 when he, along with two other priests, sets out to Japan for missionary work. They also have another goal,...

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My Inherited Elephant

Adam Miller posted a religious blog titled, My Inherited Elephant in Practicum: critical theory, religion, and pedagogy. He addresses the fact that introductory religion courses often address tolerance and tries to connect everyone together by a belief in a higher power. The author uses the example of the blind men,...

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Religion as a Way to Immortality

The themes of terror and mortality become more popular in different fields of modern culture such as film industry and literature. The article “Halloween Special: Religion`s Role in Terror Management Theory” (Arrowood 2014) written by R. B. Arrowood for “The Religious Studies Project” provides an explanation why these issues have...

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“Gender” in/and the Study of Religion

In Swain’s article, she talks about the interpretations of gender role in a religious context. (Swain, 2017) One of my favorite aspects of this article is that she uses an objective approach when writing it. By this, I mean that she does not appear to take any radical pro-feminist stances...

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Religion and Culture Forum

The Religion and Culture Forum is an internet resource that provides short insights into certain elements of religion that affect modern life, usually through the lens of cultural anthropology. One article entitled Religion and Digital Media, gives insight into an interesting paper about the use of religion on the “blogosphere”,...

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