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Family and religion

Healthcare therapists can provide culturally appropriate medication, especially for individuals from minority groups. There is a significant cultural difference between people born in the US or EU and migrants from the Muslim world to the West. As immigrants try to switch to the new cultural environments, they become more susceptible...

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Anthropology and Religion

Religion plays a highly important role in the contemporary urban society. Despite an argument that traditional forms of religion decline, the new ones fill the gap. As well as religion is a cultural system, it takes numerous forms depending on customs and traditions throughout the globe. Environmentalism appears to a...

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Songs of Songs

Also acknowledged as Songs of Solomon, Songs of Songs is the fifth of the Wisdom scriptures in the Christian’s Old Testament. The scripture has been a primary focus among different commentators across the world. Indeed, as it was acknowledged that the scripture has been subject to varied interpretations. In the...

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Art and Spirituality

Art and spirituality are neither mutually exclusive nor mutually co-existent. Art can exist outside of an artist’s spirituality and/or outside of a viewer/experiencer’s spirituality. Art can simply be a creation born of sensation, creativity, a desire to replicate a feeling or a sight or sound, or even an homage to...

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Psychology and Christianity

Psychology and Christianity represent two different approaches to gaining knowledge about the world. In fact, these approaches are so different that “some people believe that science is at war with religion and no civil dialogue can occur” (Worthington, 2013, p.11). Yet, as prompted by Entwistle's quote, they are concerned with...

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